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Pain while cycling?

If you are suffering from pain or discomfort when riding your bike then let me help you with a professional bike fit!

Cycling Performance and Aerodynamics

If you are searching for speed and  aerodynamics to get your performance to the next level? Consider my proven bike fit expertise, and the numerous world champions it has helped to create. I’ll help guide your next performance!

Shopping for your new bike?

Do you think about buying a new bike and you don’t know which one to choose?  You are in the right place to finding your perfect bike.

Let’s look at how we can get you on track with your next bike fit session!

get to know me

Professional cyclists like Michael Matthews, Mathieu van der Poel or triathletes like Laura Zimmermann or  Patrick Lange trust my expertise. If you would like to know why? Let me introduce myself!


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A bike fit, when done well, is a true game changer.
When your equipment is set up properly you’ll pedal comfortable, fast and pain free. Depending on your bike and your goals, there are few options. Let’s see what fits you best.

My Services

Bikefitting in-house

If you already have a bike and you want to get rid of the pain, discomfort and be able to get your performance to the next level this service is right for you.
The process starts with the Functional Movement Screening. Used and refined since we’ve introduced it to World Tour Team HTC – Highroad in 2009.
Using my MotionLogic3D Bikefit System. I’ll continue to examine how you are moving on the bike. While you’re working the system this creates a 3D model that shows imbalances and inefficiencies within the pedal stroke. I’ll apply what I see into changes to your bike and so we’ll be moving step by step towards the most efficient and effective setup for you.
This service is available for all bike types (Road, Gravel, Triathlon, Time Trial, Mountain Bike or E-bike).
Please choose the right one then booking a session.


fit bike fit- when you're about to buy new equipment

Choosing the right bike might be tricky. There are lots of options on the market and it’s very easy to get lost searching the web for a new equipment.
Let’s get clear and see what you need first. By using the fit bike, I’ll be able get all your parameters in place. Then we will have a look into my fit bike database. There are 8500 bike models from all different brands to choose from. Narrowing down and being aware of your personal needs and preferences is crucial. This approach will prevent you from preprogrammed injuries, disappointment not to mention the time you’ll save!
This service is available for all bike types (Road, Triathlon, Time Trial, Mountain or E-bike). Please choose the right one then booking a session.


online virtual bikefitting

No matter the circumstances many of us decide to spend some time training indoors. Even if you’re not competing in a race your position has a huge impact on how efficient you move. Changing your stationary bike setup will help you to prevent strain injuries and improve your comfort. 
Online bikefit includes movement screening and visual assessment. Most of the stationary bikes such as the Peloton Bike are easy to use so you’ll be able to apply the mechanical changes on-site. If you have any concerns regarding that issue let me know in which bike model you’re using and we find the way to make it work.


custom made insoles

Injury free strong performance requires foot stability. You might and should (!) achieve that by doing excercises but in some cases a good pair of insoles is inevitable. If you’re running or riding on long distances or suffer form structural changes in your feet you shall consider using insoles. I’m happy to provide a long-lasting, custom-made support for your feet.

custom bike sales

We’re proud to announce that we are one of two exclusive German dealers of the F1 designed Ku Cycle. For the growing cyclists of our future, we also sell by custom order, the kid sized and friendly, Frog Bike!

Customers about Cyclefit Europe

19:43 19 Jul 22
Best Bikefitter. Different Bikes over years. Never enjoyed cycling more.
Hannah Ludwig
Hannah Ludwig
17:22 30 Jun 22
Always a lovely place to come to. Lloyd really knows what he is doing. Perfect place to get comfortable and fast on the... bike for literally more
Raoul Boya
Raoul Boya
10:53 06 Oct 21
Great service, great guy! Would always recommend his services. Lloyd was a big help in setting up my bike. Very... professional and more
Sven B.
Sven B.
21:16 23 Jul 21
Worldclass! It is great to see that people live and feel the biking spirit. I got an amazing setup that got adjusted by... pure knowledge. It feels great and made me faster and more comfortable on the more
Gravel89 -
Gravel89 -
21:39 27 Jun 21
I cannot recommend at all this "professional" bike fitting: I needed to setup my bike due to a pain in my front knee... and my saddle was raised 3 cm. The new bike setting caused me from the first ride a back knee pain which developed later into inflammation.I did not get any customer support from Llyod. I tried to contact him several times but he just disappeared...I wasted many weeks of biking to recover my knee and a lot of money for a very bad bikefitting service as well.No recommendation at all!Update to my previous feedback:1- I booked the appointment (17.03.2021 at 09.00 am - in person) using this email.2 - there is no misunderstanding, your customer service is poor: I tried to contact you several times (via phone and messages) and I did not receive any answer. I reported the problem to you the same day.3- I never received the measurements of my bike.I am not going to schedule a second appointment.My experience with you has been negative.I will seek out other specialists.Kind more
Andre Limmeroth
Andre Limmeroth
07:57 13 Jun 21
Absolutely mind blown…I would have never expected the positive impact the fit has had on my riding. Not only was... Lloyd an absolute pro and awesome human being. The expertise he brings to the table is just tremendous.My power output has increased massively after the fit, but this is actually just secondary to the amazing feeling on the bike. It really feels effortless and comfortable compared to before.Would recommend 10000%!I will definitely return on a regular basis to check for changes and adapt to them.Thanks Lloyd it has been an absolute more
Philip McPhee
Philip McPhee
11:14 11 Jun 21
Was my second time at cyclefit and for sure not the last. Lloyd knows what he's talking about and makes you feel very... welcome. You always leave with a smile on your face, better informed and with a world-class bike fit as more
Jorge Lamantia
Jorge Lamantia
03:04 26 Nov 20
Incredible virtual bike fit experience! Lloyd took time to understand my specific needs and concerns, and made sure I... was content and comfortable with the adjusted fit! He also provided great learning resources to further enhance my training off the bike. Amazing experience, highly recommend!read more
Kim Posvic
Kim Posvic
17:12 23 Nov 20
I had a great experience with my bike fitting. Lloyd Thomas was very thorough and professional. What I really... appreciated was he explained the "why" as he was going through the settings on the bike. I would highly recommend!read more
Darlene Sargent-Murphy
Darlene Sargent-Murphy
22:29 16 Nov 20
Lloyd was very knowledgeable. My fitting was done over zoom, Lloyd in Germany, I am in the US. He was able to see... which muscles are a bit weaker than others and had me reposition by cleats to help. He also had me adjust my bike seat and handlebar position. I can really feel the difference in my pedal stroke and it is so much smoother when I am out of saddle. I would strongly recommend a bike fit with more
Stuart Bayne
Stuart Bayne
08:25 12 Nov 20
I had a virtual bike fit with LLoyd the other week and was very impressed by his expertise and easy going manner. My... cadence and power have been improved but more important the feel of the bike stoke. I would recommend Lloyd without more
Shelley Felton
Shelley Felton
16:56 27 Oct 20
I was so pleased with how thorough this service provided. It was so much more than sitting on the bike and adjusting.... I was skeptical about a virtual fit but it was very well done and effective. I recommend this to any type of rider and definitely as soon as you begin riding. Just one ride after the adjustment and my hip and knee feel so much better. Lloyd’s knowledge is very apparent in the first 5 minutes. Very worth the more
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