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Perfect adjustment for the ultimate cycling experience. If you’re looking for the perfect cycling experience, you’ve come to the right place. My expertise optimizes your cycling experience through the right bike fitting. I understand that the ideal cycling experience depends not only on the quality of the bike but also on the way it is adapted to your body.

Why is my bike fitting service essential to maximize your performance, comfort and enjoyment while cycling?

Why is bike fitting so important?

Maximum performance increase

A properly fitted bike can have a significant impact on your performance. I deeply understand the biomechanical aspects of cycling. Analyze body structure, range of motion and individual needs.

Through precise adjustments such as saddle height, handlebar position, and pedal alignment, I can ensure that every pedal revolution is used efficiently to maximize your speed and endurance.

Superior comfort

I know that an uncomfortable ride can quickly spoil your cycling experience. An improperly adjusted bike can cause pain, numbness, and other discomfort. With our help, you can avoid such problems. I consider your anatomy and ensure that you sit in the optimal position. Not only does this reduce the risk of discomfort, it also allows you to have longer, more enjoyable rides.

Enjoy cycling

The ultimate goal of cycling is to experience joy. With a perfectly customized bike, you can fully concentrate on the riding experience- there are no distractions of discomfort or pain. Whether you are an experienced road cyclist or a recreational cyclist, our bike fitting service will significantly improve your riding experience and increase your enthusiasm for cycling.

My unique BikeFit process

1. Comprehensive analysis

My process begins with a thorough analysis of your body structure, ranges of motion and goals. We use advanced technologies to collect precise data and create a comprehensive adjustment basis.

2. Individual adjustments

Based on the collected data, I adapt your bike to your needs. I consider factors such as leg length, posture and flexibility to ensure each fitting is tailor-made.

The difference from
Expertise and experience

My experience is paired with a deep passion for what I do. I have years of bike fitting experience and have helped numerous cyclists optimize their riding experience.

Customer-centric approach

The customer comes first. I listen to you carefully and consider your wishes and goals. Every adjustment is made with your comfort and satisfaction in mind.

Advanced technology

I use state-of-the-art technology to collect accurate data and make precise adjustments. I aim to provide you with a premium cycling experience based on science and technology.


A perfectly adapted bike is the key to an exceptional cycling experience. I’m proud to offer my customers invaluable added value through my professional bike fitting.