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At FiftyOne Bikes, the customer is an individual, not a collective. Our focus is always on creating the best possible ride experience for you, one that’s deeply satisfying and brimming with confidence, knowing that this means different things to different riders. Ride quality, unparalleled.

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FiftyOne Bikes – Assassin Gravel Bike

Unless otherwise indicated, all measurements are given in mm.

Geometry (mm) Mid/Low PositionSMLXL
Rider Height cm / ft< 170 (cm)167 – 180 (cm)178 – 188 (cm)185 – 196 (cm)
< 5’5 (ft)5’4 – 5’9 (ft)5’8 – 6’1 (ft)6’0 – 6’4 (ft)
Effective TTA534.96562.1589.77613.65
ST angleC73.573.573.573.5
HT angleD69.569.569.569.5
Rear CenterE430430430430
BB DropG70707070
Front CenterJ602.85631.75661.18687.25
Trail (Low Axle Position) (700×45)87.4987.4987.4987.49
Trail (Hi Axle Position) (700×45)75.9575.9575.9575.95
Fork Offset53/45
Wheel size700 and 650b
Fork Length405