Triathlon bike fit to help you move efficiently, safe and comfortable

Looking for the best triathlon bike fit for your next performance? My triathlon bike fit is designed to help you move efficiently, safely, and comfortably.

I understand the importance of every detail, from your position on the saddle to the aero bars and clipped-in feet. My attention to detail, strength, flexibility, and top-notch equipment ensure you achieve maximum power without injury. Say goodbye to discomfort or pain in any area of your body and experience better performance and aerodynamics.

My triathlon bike fit includes functional movement screening, high-speed cycling movement analysis, mechanical changes, cleat adjustments, final measurement data, parts recommendations (if needed), and stretching and movement improvement suggestions.

Book your #1 Best Triathlon Bike Fit now and prepare for your most powerful and efficient position. Trust my expertise, as I have worked with top champions such as Gustav Iden, Kristian Blummenfelt, Patrick Lange, and Normann Stadler.

Let me help you unlock your best performance!


What kind of issues might be solved through my triathlon bike fit?

  • discomfort or pain in almost any area of the body (low back, neck, knee, groin, wrist, foot)
    of course if there isn’t other medical problem causing the pain, we will be able work through it and figure out if you need further help
  • better cycling performance
  • better running performance
  • aerodynamics improvement

triathlon bike fit and what you get


functional movement screening


hi speed cycling movement analysis


mechanical changes are applied during the session


cleats adjusted for one pair of shoes


final triathlon bike fit measurement data


parts recommendations IF NEEDED


stretching and movement improvement suggestions

Triathlon BikeFit - Gustav Iden with CycleFit Europe
Triathlon BikeFit Patrick Lange
Choose my specialized Triathlon Bike Fit, the premier choice at CycleFit Europe, ensuring your optimal position for peak performance. If you’re seeking the most powerful and efficient riding experience, my Triathlon Bike Fit is the ideal solution.

When addressing an existing bike position, I conduct a thorough review, offering personalized recommendations for adjustments to achieve the desired setup. The process begins with my meticulously developed Functional Movement Screening, a key factor that sets apart a winning, comfortable ride from simply blending into the crowd.

Having pioneered and perfected the ultimate bike fit screening process since its introduction to World Tour Team HTC – Highroad in 2009, I bring a wealth of experience. Notably, I’ve collaborated with elite athletes such as Gustav Iden, Ironman World Champion, Kristian Blummenfelt, current Olympic Triathlon Champion, Patrick Lange, 2x Ironman Kona champion, and the legendary German Ironman Champion Normann Stadler.

This select list of champions underscores their confidence in my Triathlon Bike Fit process and advice. Allow me to guide you towards your next best performance!

Opt for my Triathlon Bike Fit on the Adjustable Fit Bike, and experience immediate adjustments following the fit session. This guarantees that your on-bike position precisely mirrors the established configuration on our adjustable sizing bike. Receive a comprehensive PDF detailing your bike position and essential cycling analysis measurements, applicable to any bike.

Alternatively, choose my Triathlon Bike Fit option, enabling real-time changes during the fitting session itself. This guarantees that your bike position aligns perfectly with your tested preferences. You’ll receive a detailed PDF documenting your bike position and key cycling analysis metrics, applicable to any bike.

Empower your cycling journey with my expertise in Triathlon Bike Fit, optimizing your performance for success!

Kristian Blummenfelt
Gustav Iden with CycleFit Europe

TRIATHLON BIKE FIT Support and Follow-Up

Digitally stored bike measurements fit data, and that means we can help you set up multiple bikes if you need to. As the seasons change, so does your bike fit. Your perfect fit with our road cycling analysis is always evolving, and as you become more or less flexible and fit, that will and can affect how you sit on the bike. A bike fit with me helps you!

If you’ve had a full bike fit evaluation, I can help you adjust your position through the season.

Ask about pricing details if you’re already been in for adjustments through the year.

Preparation for competition or for your next competition, sitting comfortably on your bike helps this significantly..

Frequently Asked Questions

how much does a bike fit cost?

It depends on the services that you book. Please refer to my online bike fit booking system. Sometimes, we might need to change bike parts like cranks, saddles, or handlebars. Depending on the extra time involved, there may be extra costs involved, which I will inform you of up front as needed.

what do i need to bring with me to a bike fit?

CLEAN bike, cycling shoes and clothing. If you have any additional components that you think we might consider using bring them with you.

how long does a bike fit take?

Anywhere from 1,5 to 2,5 hours, depending on your issues and your bike. A triathlon bike fit, for example, can be more involved and complicated

are people allowed to accompany me?

In your best interest of focus for your appointment, One on One is always the best for you.

If you don't feel well, please inform me and we can make arrangements to reschedule your appointment.